Become an Insight Hunter. UX research for non-researchers.

I found out that to conduct of UX research by non-researchers (ex. Designers) becomes more and more popular. It’s the most common in organization which have their UX Team without UX Researcher. In case like that designers, to verify their projects, have to organize and conduct tests by themselves.

There were a lot of articles about pluses and minuses of research making by designers. Regardless of all obstacles related to the issue, it’s important and valuable to improve research skills. The pratice can be helpful.

No one is born as researcher, but everyone is able to improve research skills.

Conducting research session seems to be difficult: you have to care about nice and natural atmosphere, ask effective questions and carefully observe users behaviour. Mastery of this “research art” is based on practice, but there are some helpful tips which make the “research art” easier.

I work with UX teams which conduct their research by themselves and I know what kind of problems they meet. My talks with them gave me an inspiration to write the post and make the infographic with few helpful tips. Enjoy


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