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List of best articles I’ve read last week:


David Travis about desk research

Week without one article of Daivid Travis is a bad week 🙂 Following this sentence I would like to recommend for you not new, but useful article about desk research: the what, why and how.

UX Trend s for Banking in 2017

I don’t like articles about trends. Often described trends are very general and don’t give a new facts for people who deal with ux subjects everyday. This one article by Alex Kreger is also general, but is supplemented by “do’s” and “dont’s” which are more specific and helpful for ux professionals.

8 things to consider when using online panel

During lat 4 years I used online panels to run a survay about 3 times. Every one time was really stressful to me, because of gap in my experience related to using online panels. I think this article is very useful for people like me.

Collection of UX Maturity Models

“For at least ten years now I have been collecting User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) Maturity Models. I keep hoping to find the perfect one to help executives understand what we do, and what good looks like…” Natalie Hanson

There is a lot of maturity models!

Connected Medical Devices: Using Data to Drive Design Decisions

How change the medical devices? How we can improve devices and deliver better user experience?

“We are only able to ask participants to perform a task a couple of times, so there is no accurate information about the long-term use of the device. Specifically, how they will use the device on the tenth, hundredth, or thousandth use. For these reasons, observed behavior does not always match real world usage.”

That a real challange!

User Experience Salary 2016

Do you want know how much earn your UX friends? There are informaton aboout salaries in 2016! You can count how much you will earn as a UXer in USA, France, Australia, etc.

Cybersecurity Knowledge Quiz

You can test you knowledge about cybersecurity. There is a quick test which will show you the truth!


Have a nice week!

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