Meditation for UX Researcher

Meditation is a way to gain knowledge about ourselves. It is also a way to understand better our needs, behaviour, emotions and choices. The key is to practice it regularly.

My friend Magda went for a meditation camp in forest last year. There were many people who didn’t talk to each other for 2 weeks! I was worried about my friend. I was thinking: OMG, how will she get back to the city life? Will she remember how to talk to other people? After she came back I realized there was no reason to worry about her. I found out that her experience was extreme, but helpful and good. She came back as a calm and reflective person.

Magda’s meditation camp experience was an inspiration for me to look for some reflection about myself, especially on professional field. I started to search for some substitute for meditation – some tool to make a contemplation about my every day work experience.

I found out that a moment of every-day reflection about my work can be useful to make a progress as a researcher. I started to practice “research meditation session” every evening. I realized that when I am writing down the most important thoughts about my job it helps me to be more efficient. This lead me to write a Diary of a Researcher. Today it’s my daily ritual.

I would like to encourage you to practice this kind of “meditation for ux researcher”.

What I am writing in my diary?

I always start with describing my day at work: how many hours I spent there, what I did during that time, what kind of task I completed.

I prioritize tasks of the day and I focus on the most important once. Sometimes it can be a task which takes most of my time or sometimes it can be a task which I consider as the most important.

Afterwards I write about:

  • What I managed to do relating to the main task
  • Challenges related to the main task and my solutions
  • My pain points about the task (sometimes it is a kind of a fear, anger or frustration)

I ask myself “what if” and I look for other solutions or possibilities than I used.

At the end I think about my whole day and I focus on:

  • specific challenges I met this day
  • my communication with team I work with
  • some ideas which appeared in my head, something wise I learnt, read or heard during the day

The ritual always takes me about 15 minutes. It is the time only for me. It helps me to improve my research skills. It is also a great way to deal with some frustrations or problems. I write my diary in Evernote, to be able to find something quickly in the future.

The diary is a good way to become a reflective person – it is important skill of a great researcher.


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