Pocket #6


I have for you a new set of interesting articles, I’ve found last week. Enjoy!


Rolling Research by Facebook

“Rolling research is a process based on ongoing, regularly scheduled research sessions”. I think many organizations need something like Rolling Research process, even my company.


Stop talking, start listening!

Adrian Zumbrunnen wrote about active listening and some notable benefits in it for designers. But I think also researchers have constantly improve their listening skills and pick up the gauntlet  to appreciate and understand alternative views.


Hooked ‘How to build Habit-forming products’ by Nir Eyal

Short review of book of Nir Eyal. Have you red this book? Author of Articles, Audrey Mothu, wrote:
“If you want to have a better understanding of product designing for users and how to use items from gamification to make your product useful, you need to read it.”


The researcher’s journey: leveling up as a user researcher

What about your journey? Do you agree with described levels? Personally, I deeply belive that there is always something new to learn, to find out, to improve…


22 movies and shows that every designer should watch on Netflix

There are on te list interesting movies also for researchers. What would you like to add to the list?


Have a nice week!



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