Checklists for UX Researcher

I strongly believe that a good research include 2 kind of preparation: meritorical and logistical. Because we mostly concentrate on the first one, we need helpful tools to save our time on logistic. I think we have to automated those issue as much as possible.

The most helpful tool to do it is a checklist. If you prepare once good universal checklist – you can use it many times. There are many checklists online dedicated to UX Research. I want to share with you some of them.  I also propose to you checklists made by myself. I’ve designed the checklists to make your  job easer and more beautiful. There are 2 kind of them:

  • The first v.01 is my proposition of checklist included content. I tried to create universal list, which based on my job experience.
  • The second one (v.02) is a blank checklist – you  can create your own checklist, but with nice design.

I hope the checklists will be helpful in your work and it will improve your daily routine. Fill free to share the checklists with your workmates.


Checklist v01 made by – click here to download

Checklist v02 made by – click here to download


Other checklists

  1. Checklist by Sarah Doody
  2. Checklist by Usability Matters
  3. Checklist by UserTesting
  4. List of great app to make your checklists
  5. List of James Chudley



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