Barcamps experience!

I’ve been on 2 barcamps: UX Camp Europe in Berlin and Product Camp in Gdynia.

I would like to summarizing my exprience.



UX Camp Europe i Berlin is probably the biggest UX barcamp in Europe. My first impression, after enetring the door, was amazing. Perfect organization, friendly atmosphere and many people from variou country. Yeah! Great experience!



The first presetnation I choose was about research done in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Presenters talked about research they done with UXers from their countries. For me the most interesting is their research strategy: they talked about preperation of the research which included „haters management”. They predicted many undesirable solutions and they were ready to deal with those situations. At the ened they propose that they will share methodology and tips about the research with people from other countries. They propose to make the same research in other countries and run kind of global comparatable research of UXers.

We have in Poland similar, yearly research, but I really enjoy the idea of „comparatable global tresearch of UXers”. I think to engage me in.



Making notes by sketching? Yeah! I spend 2 hours on workshops run by Eva-Lotta Lamm. Sketching is very useful. You can use it to illustrate your report, during presentation or when you talk with designers. I think it’s very important to improve sketching skills. Firstly, you have to belive that you can draw. I am sure after workshop with Eva-Lotta Lamm everybody belive that they can sketch!


There were many inspirational kaynotes. I just can’t describe all oft hem. But I’ve got for you set o link to some of them. Enjoy!




I like Product Camp. I met there many friends. Product Camp is time of many inspirational speeches and great networking!




Speech of Jacek Siadkowski z Gerere Fun for Good was very meritorical. He talked about psychology of engagement. Ha based on Skinner Box experiment and explained on great cases how it works. At the end he told step-by-step how to create proces of users engagement.



Michał Szewczyk from Greenhat talked about his experience with „future projects”. How to work on project “from future”? How to gain knowlege about solutions effective and useful in future? How to test future solutions?

Very inspirational!

Michał included in the presentation set of links to website about future trends. Some of those links you can find in next Pocket on my blog (Sunday).



Both of the barcamp were inspirational and motivational. I met a lot of creative people with positive power.

Both of the barcamps were focus on chatbots and AI. It’s very strong trend. In close future researchers will test a lot of conversational interfaces, as a chatbots. We will need new, linguistical competency. We won’t test findability. We will test communicativity of interfaces.


BTW, I found first job offer for „Dialogue Designer” in Poland. Amazing. Is it our future?


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