Pocket #8 Chatbots, AI and empathy

After a long break – I’m back. I am starting with review of interesting articles I’ve read last week. I am going to share them with you every week!

Your next therapist might be a chatbot

Oh, really? I am fascinated about chatbots because of research possibilities links with them. But how to test users experience of therapist chatbot? We have to going deeper and deeper with psychology during tests of experience. But…what about ethic?


Are UX designers unprepared to work with AI?

Yep, most of designers I know are unprepared to with AI. What about UX researchers? How to devide AI tasks in UX team? What have to know designers and what have to know researchers? How they can share they knowledge to work with AI efficiently?


Rapid User Research for Enterprise UX

Great 10 minutes guide for non-researchers and experienced researchers.


Empathy and the enterprise

Very nice article about empathy. Empathy is a main tool of UX researchers. It’s also something that researchers teach their team-mates. How to build culture of empathy in your organization?


Have a nice week guys!

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